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Do you seem to catch every cold bug that goes around? Have you battled frequent, severe headaches? TBN wants to help you learn to overcome these and scores of other common ailments and to live in optimum health! Natural Health Remedies by Dr. Janet Maccaro provides an in-depth, A-to-Z blueprint, written from a Christian perspective, to help your family discover the benefits of natural medicine. Discover how to take advantage of God’s natural gifts of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more to address the root causes of many common symptoms.


For your gift of support:  TBN wants to bless you with Natural Health Remedies by Dr. Janet Maccaro to help you experience hope and renewal in your life.


For your gift of $120 or more:  God doesn’t want you settling for a life plagued by pain. He created your body to function properly, so you can experience the fullness of your destiny. Dr. Scott Hannen will empower you with revolutionary insight about the causes of chronic pain and show you how God designed your body to heal itself, in his Stop the Pain 4-DVD set, along with his book Healing by Design.


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